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Strongarm sprays case rust remover penetrating oil farm

What do you have for sale (write here): Strongarm sprays case rust remover penetrating oil farm
> Get StrongArmSprays right here by the Boxed Dozen Case for $70 Each.
Lubricant, Rust Remover, Penetrating Oil. That works out to only $5.83 Per Can. Nearly HALF PRICE! Cash in on this offer at this low price. Put some in stock in your store or shop now.
StrongArm Sprays is Totally Perfect for ALL AG and FARM Implementation, along with the fellow Logger, Mechanic, Trucker, Serviceman, Sportsman, Outdoorsman, Fisherman, or even do it yourselfers; Housewifes who do all the grunt work, and the home handyman.
To really see the information on what this does, you need to visit the USAGES area of the StrongArmSprays.Com Website..
It's a LONG Term Lubricant. Put some StrongArm Oil on a door that's always squeaking and watch the squeak die right before your eyes and never come back.
It's a long term water proofer that lasts for years with one application. Strong Arm is used for lubrication, metal drilling, metal cutting. Strong Arm is the most unique cleaner of rust. Put it on Chrome, metal, anything with rust. Let is set for a few minutes, lightly scrub or wire brush the metal. Take Water and Splash and Rinse it, and you will watch the water run off like a ducks back.
Furthermore, Realize that StrongArm sprays has an industrial designed nozzle that is a Throttle Valve. IT can release only one drop every several seconds with light pressure, or just dribble out onto bolts, or shoot a stream or spritz onto a hinge. NO MISTING and the Consequent pollution into the air of the material occurs. Therefore StrongArmSprays Minimizes Pollution from it's usage completely. Also, it's made with highly refined industrial compounds, some of which cost hundreds of dollars per gallon. There's no stink or staining.
See the TORO web page shown here. It shows StrongArm Sprays going to work on what just came in as junk. See how within 20 minutes after spraying several ounces of StrongArm into the cylinders, an engine that was stuck for 20+ years turns free and loose when grabbed and rocked with a chanellock pliers. On New and Running Machinery, StrongArm keeps it with one application, going on and on. You take care if it, and it takes care of you. This Is truly cost control in a can.
Wanna See an ANOTHER EXTREME Example ??
Then Click >HERE< to see a video of StrongArmSprays cleaning up a Rust Covered Chrome Bumper from a 55-56 Chevy wagon! The brush is bearing on it with full pressure just to show that there's no scratching ! The Special Muscle Formula in StrongArm is a metallic protein that stays between the surfaces just like between the connecting rod and crankshaft in engines working.
If you want to paint the metal, no primer needed. Go ahead and Paint away. StrongArmSprays IS THE PRIMER The paint will go deeper into the surface and not peel and will stay for many years. Right onto fresh metal or what was once rust! And when you scratch the paint in three years it won't rust underneath because it's Waterproofed UNDER The Paint ! Read and Listen to the testimonies on the website from the many satisfied Farmers and users of StrongArmSprays. StrongArm Sprays Changes the game. We're playing with a totally different set of rules here.
Some of the many usages which StrongArm will perform..
This revolutionary Lubricant Rust Remover & Protectant works on Metal, Wood, Leather.
1000's of uses for this amazing product in the shop and home.
The Ultimate Battery Terminal Corrosion killer and LONG TERM - This literally Means YEARS of Engine compartment and chassis protection on all hardware, parts and fittings..
See this page from the USAGES area of the StrongArm website...
StrongArm retails for $10.99 per Spray can.
StrongArmSprays.com is a Professional Industrial Supply company
All information is Totally Confidential and remains sealed securely within our servers.
3) There's NO Gimmicks here. JUST PROFESSIONAL RESULTS, which speak for themselves.
Remember: Strong Arm Sprays is Designed BY INDUSTRY For INDUSTRY ! Highest Quality, Performance and Value. The Extreme Quality & Value is not apparent on the first spray, These characteristics become apparent in time, becoming building blocks for your superior results with time and money saved in all areas.
Click HERE to See the StrongArmSprays.Com website to see and hear the Testimonies...
Strong Arm Sprays works. There are many hundreds of sprays, nothing is like Strong Arm Sprays. There are copies. If you see something that looks like it, or talks about it like this, it's been copied. Those are the plain and simple facts.
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