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New forklift extension 6"w x 72"

What do you have for sale (write here): New forklift extension 6"w x 72"
Heavy Duty steel constructions; fits unto forks up to 50mm (2'') thickness
Forklift Extensions outside measurement are 7 1/8'' (outside of safety loop) 6.25'' inside.
These forklift extensions will fit up to a 6'' fork that is up to 2'' thick.(c) ARSForklift Extension - OSHA Requirements:
* Contact the manufacturer of your forklift for written approval for the use of any forklift extensions
* Forklift extensions should not exceed length of forks on which they are installed by more than 50%
* Capacity is based on the length of your forklift tine
* For each 25mm (1'') of extensions beyond fork, reduce capacity by:
* 170lbs / 1'' on 4,500lbs forklifts | 160lbs/ 1'' on 5,000lb forklifts
* 155lbs / 1'' on 5,500lbs forklifts
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New forklift extension 6