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New brown & sharpe no 10 collet 9/16" hex,

What do you have for sale (write here): New brown & sharpe no 10 collet 9/16" hex,
Brown & Sharpe No.10 collet 9/16" HEX, 710-3036-110
* This is new inventory manufactured to the original Brown & Sharpe specifications for material, concentricity and hardness.
* Because we specialize in only the Brown & Sharpe range of stock holding collets and feeders, and do not have large corporate overhead, we can offer superior products at a better value.
* No 10 Collets are used on Brown & Sharpe 00G, 00 Hand,00 Forming, 00 Automatics and 00 Ultramatics.
Return Policy: If you are dissatisfied for any reason, you may contact us and return your purchase for a full refund.
If you are interested, need addition equipment or have questions, please feel free to email us at rebecca-stuart@dfwind.com or call us at (***)-739-1010
If you interested in this item, be sure to check our store.
We sell repair parts and accessories for Brown & Sharpe, Davenport, Gildemeister, Tornos Bechler and most other brands of automatic lathes.
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New brown & sharpe no 10 collet 9/16