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24PK 1/4" router bit kit set & case 656577

What do you have for sale (write here): 24PK 1/4" router bit kit set & case 656577
An excellent 24pc set of TCT router bits with 1/4"shanks. Contents: Straight bit 6.35x6.35mm,6.35x9.5mm, 6.35x12.7mm & 6.35x19mm. Rounding over bit 6.35x3.18mm, 6.35xR4.8mm, 6.35xR6.35mm & 6.35xR9.5mm. Mortice bit 6.35x12.7mm. Combi bevel bit 6.35x12.7mm. Dovetail bit 6.35x9.5mm, 6.35x12.7mm. V Groove bit 6.35x12.7mm. Round nose bit 6.35x9.5mm,6.35x12.7mm. Trimming bit 6.35x9.5mm. Panel pilot bit 6.35x6.35mm. Flush trim bit 6.35x12.7mm. Cove bit 6.35xR9.5mm, 6.35xR6.35mm.
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24PK 1/4