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Sumner 2" - 6" ultra clamp pipe fitting tool 781150

What do you have for sale (write here): Sumner 2" - 6" ultra clamp pipe fitting tool 781150
* All new rugged frame, built for job site use, guaranteed against bending or breakage
* Smooth new roller clamping action for positive gripping
* Stainless steel contacts & alignment screws
* Operating handle repositions for close work
* Fine adjustment screws for quick fit-up
* Light weight for overhead work
* Fine adjustment screws offer quick HI-LO settings
* Two hand handle for positive locking
The UC three point precision alignment assures accurate fit-up of 1" through 12" pipe. The main body of this versatile alignment tool is double-walled steel plate and guaranteed over the life of the product. Its simple, lightweight design has quick action and is ideal for all field and shop fit-up use. The Ultra Clamp covers a wide range of pipe sizes that would normally take four separate tools. And, like all Sumner products, the Ultra Clamp is priced for today's tight budgets.
The Ultra Clamp is available in three sizes:
* 5-12" Ultra Clamp (127-300 mm)
* 2-6" Ultra Clamp (50-150 mm)
* 1-21/2" Ultra Clamp (25-64 mm)
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