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New smc air pressure gauge 2" (1.85) 0 - 30 psi

What do you have for sale (write here): New smc air pressure gauge 2" (1.85) 0 - 30 psi
¨ PICTURES I usually only list with 1 picture to save on fees. More photos available, please ask with specific views
¨ MISREPRESENT I will never intentionally misrepresent any products but if there is a blatant and careless misrepresentation of any product a full cash refund will be made.
¨ NO checks or money orders from outside continental USA
¨ US POSTAL MONEY ORDER < very acceptable>
¨ ME “This is a one man operation” Me! Sometimes I am on the road. PLEASE BE PATIENT
¨ INCLUDED Nothing else is included with this item, only what you see or described is what you get.
¨ INJURIES Cannot be held responsible for any kind of injuries resulting from direct or indirect use or misuse of the item being sold.
¨ UNTESTED Items untested unless otherwise stated
¨ PRIVATE SALE I am not a dealer and this is a private sale of my personal collections
¨ Items received as known good from excess inventory, engineering, surplus or salvage
¨ SPELLING GRAMMAR I will not be responsible for spelling or grammar errors at any time I descriptions, titles, policies, emails or any other test associated with this sale
¨ CHANGES AND UPGRADES This policy may change and or be upgraded at anytime
¨ ANTIQUES I am a collector and not an expert on all collectables and antiques. My estimates of dates, eras and authenticity are from personal experience and I may be wrong. I am posting my antiques because of my personal attraction to there specific attributes any descriptions or dates are purely my estimates and you should do your own investigations
(A general statement and is not a policy, restriction nor a limitation)
¨ MY PURCHASES Good Feed back will be left after I receive the item and I am happy its what you described and usable condition Bad Feed back will only be left if you do not attempt to solve any problems with my purchase and No response to my communications
¨ BAD FEED BACK Is permanent be sure you have contacted me first no matter how small the issue, I will almost never leave bad feed back I will opt to leave none first.
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New smc air pressure gauge 2