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New B39 (5L420) goodyear v-belt, .66" x 42", belts

What do you have for sale (write here): New B39 (5L420) goodyear v-belt, .66" x 42", belts
Designed for operating at high speeds over small diameter pulleys and short center distances. Also for use in multiple V-belt drives where high shock load and heavy duty loads are encountered.
Quality Materials Make The Difference:
HY-T® Plus is Goodyear’s line of the classical V-belt. Quality materials are the key to longer belt life.
* Vytacord® tensile members are treated with Goodyear’s 3T process to control stretch.
* Plioflex® impregnated envelope fabric provides positive traction, maximum flexibility and extended wear resistance.
* Built to Matchmaker® specifications so all belts of the same size meet RMA matching specifications which eliminates matching problems, improves performance and increases service life.
Dual Branded Classical Belts:
* Dual branded with the fractional horsepower belt part number.
* Offers a higher horsepower classical belt for use on FHP drives resulting in longer life.
* Dual branding (Classical and FHP Belts) reduces inventory.
View catalog technical data and specifications.
We have literally thousands of bearings available. All of them are NEW. We do NOT carry "seconds" or used bearings.
If you are having trouble locating the part# or size that you need, just ask. We probably have it, or can get it.
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New B39 (5L420) goodyear v-belt, .66