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Amada bandsaw blade, 1" x 150", "protector" series

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Amada Bandsaw Blade, 1" x 150", "Protector" Series
Protector provides long blade life and prevents tooth breakage, eliminating excessive tooth stripping. It can withstand the shock of interrupted cuts, allowing for heavier penetration for faster cutting rates. Protector uses a broaching style set pattern designed to eliminate pinching, which prevents the blade from binding the cut.
* Matrix cobalt high speed steel edge
* Unique designed tooth form
* Positive rake tooth angle
* Extra tough shock resistance
* Extra tough tooth strippage resistance
* Extra long life in interrupted structural cutting
* Extra fast cutting on structural
3/4: 3-and-4 Teeth-Per-Inch (tpi)
4/6: 4-and-6 Teeth-Per-Inch (tpi)
W: Wide-Set teeth. This is used to make a wider cut through material which might pinch the blade.
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