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1" scope mount rings weaver style lo rise matte NIBW32M

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Ironsighter® 1" Detachable Weaver-Style Rings - Matte- Low Clearance
Superior Manufacturing Methods
For thirty years, Ironsighter® scope mounts have served as the standard of innovative product design and quality manufacturing. Using the finest grades of material, hand inspection of every part, and the best production facilities available, Ironsighter® scope mounts have stood apart from the competition in every measure of quality.
Innovative and Superior Designs
As developer and original patent holder for the industry's first "see-thru" scope mount, the Ironsighter® innovation has become a standard for the Ironsighter Company. From the elimination of the connection points between the base and ring to the addition of an extra measure of metal in key stress locations, Ironsighter® offers the newest and best products available anywhere.
Maximum Strength and Durability
The Ironsighter Company is the only scope mount manufacturer offering a superior grade of aluminum alloy which is much stronger than the materials found on similar products. When combined with solid engineering designs, added metal thickness in high stress areas, and precision machined contact surfaces, unlike our competitors and imports, Ironsighter® mounts will withstand the heaviest types of use.
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