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Honda EU2000I generator portable

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This is a nice Honda EU2000i Generator We used it in our Motocross Race Trailer for one season to run a box fan, lights, small compressor ect. It has a lot of power in a small package. This thing is the ticket for a quiet portable generator. You can really have a conversation right next to it and not have to yell. It has a few scratches from normal use. I have kept the oil changed and the filter cleaned. It runs like a new one and starts so easy. Here are the specs on it.
The solid state inverter on this generator actually produces a cleaner sine wave than grid power. You can safely plug in your sensitive electronics without fear of power spike or dirty sine wave damage.
You can read more at the Honda.com site. But some of the key features are:
- Only 53-59 dBa, you can hold a conversation right next to the unit.
- Runs up to 15 hours @ 1/4 load on 1.1 gallons of fuel
- Inverter technology for cleaner power
- Eco-Throttle: Provides for load dependent operation allowing for maximum fuel efficiency
- Parallel Operation: Connect two EU2000I Honda Generators for additional power up to 4000w ( with optional parallel cables )
- Car battery charging ( 12V, 8A ) with optional cable
- Oil Alert: Shuts off generator with low oil level
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Honda EU2000I generator portable Honda EU2000I generator portable Honda EU2000I generator portable