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Danfoss 067L5957 3/8" TR6 R410A thermal expansion valve

What do you have for sale (write here): Danfoss 067L5957 3/8" TR6 R410A thermal expansion valve
TR 6 thermostatic expansion valves have been designed and developed with features especially for use in applications such as:
Residential air conditioning systems
Light commercial air conditioning systems
The hermetic tight design meets environmental demands for today and the future. The TR 6 pro-gram is available for R22and R410A. The TR 6 can be used for all fluorinated refrigerants. Models for other refrigerants can be produced to order.
The TR design incorporates a hot-pressed brass body with the entire power element, including the capillary tube and bulb, fabricated from stainless steel. The valves are supplied as standard in straightway versions with fixed orifice and with external equalization. They can be delivered with or without internal check valve and with external superheat adjustment spindle for field retrofit. All valves are designed with balanced port which reduces the influence from varying condensing pressures.
Here's what else makes this TXV kit so amazing...
* Easy to retrofit existing air conditioning and heat pump systems
* Stainless steel power head
* Stainless steel capillary tube that resists vibration.
* 3 connection options: 3/8" x 3/8" ODF, Chatleff or Aeroquip
* Patented, internal check valve for heat pumps
* Patented, easy secure copper bulb strap
* 35" foam insulating tape included
Get new energy savings from your old comfort system
Are you paying higher energy bills due to an older, less efficient central heat pump or air-conditioner? Now there’s a simple, easily installed solution — the Danfoss Universal TR6 thermostatic expansion valve. Available from your contractor as an upgrade for older systems, the Universal TR6 valve uses the same technology found in newer, high-efficiency air-conditioning systems. Today, homeowners can get affordable TR6 technology to cut energy costs regardless of your system’s current efficiency rating.
Save regardless of current system efficiency
The energy efficiency of all air conditioning and heat pump units is rated by the Department of Energy using a "Seasonal Energy Efficiency" or SEER rating number. The higher the number, the lower the amount of electricity a unit will use for a given amount of cooling or heating. There is a good chance that if your unit is 6 years or older, it will have a SEER of 10 or less. All new systems sold today must have a SEER of 13 or higher according to new DOE legislation.
Until now, the only option available to homeowners who want better efficiency was to install a new, high SEER system, which could cost thousands of dollars. But thanks to the Universal TR6 retrofit, you can make a very low investment and let your contractor increase your current system’s efficiency by about 1 SEER level. That will lower your utility bills
Exact savings depend on your utility rate structure, current system design and regional weather variables, but this chart gives you an idea:
* Based on a 3 ton unit running an average of 1500 hrs and a national average utility rate of $0.95/kWh.
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