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New shrink tunnel - - 7.75" x 15.75" opening

What do you have for sale (write here): New shrink tunnel - - 7.75" x 15.75" opening
BS-A400 thermal shrink packaging machine is suitable for shrink films such as POV, PVC, PP, POF, etc. There are infrared heating tubes on the top, bottom and sides of the shrinking room. The overall temperature of the shrink tunnel and speed of the conveyer are adjustable to meet the needs of your product and production.
1. Compact, high quality construction for high efficiency;
2. The use of infrared Quartz heating tube reduces power consumption;
3. Strong air-flow ensures excellent heat distribution for an even shrinking;
4. Digital temperature control system for easy adjustment during operation;
5. Seperate heat control for the lower elements to help ensure even shrinking
6. Adjustable conveyor speed.
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New shrink tunnel - - 7.75