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Western 300-3 nipple CG326 1/4NPTMX2.5"

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Scott-Gross Company, headquartered in Winchester, KY, was established in 1949 and is primarily known as a supplier of Industrial, medical, and specialty gases, bulk and cryogenic gases, dry ice, welding equipment and supplies, welder rental and repair, and propane exchange. Scott-Gross Company has retail stores located in Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas.
Super Discount Bin 2 - Every so often, the manufacturers change part numbers, packaging style, or even logos. When that happens, we replace our floor inventory with the newer packaging styles and archive the older in the BLACK BOX. We are opening the box to pass savings on to you. Items from this box are still brand new genuine parts, but packaging may exhibit moderate shelf wear. Our first round was so successful that we decided to add many more great products. Check out all the great deals in our Discount Bin section!
WESTERN 300-3 Nipple CG326 1/4NPTMX2.5"
WESTERN 300-3 Nipple CG326 1/4NPTMX2.5"
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Western 300-3 nipple CG326 1/4NPTMX2.5