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R10-zz premium grade ball bearings, 5/8" x 1-3/8, R10-z

What do you have for sale (write here): R10-zz premium grade ball bearings, 5/8" x 1-3/8, R10-z
We are proud to introduce RBtech - our Premium line of Motor Quality Bearings.
These R10-Z bearings are BRAND NEW and FACTORY FRESH. SOLD BY THE PIECE. A high quality, single row radial ball bearing in a very common size for snowmobiles, electric motors and many HVAC & industrial applications. These meet or exceed ABEC 3 tolerances and come in the industry standard, C3 clearance. They are made from Chrome Steel and each bearing is SHIELDED on both sides with STEEL SHIELDS, that help protect the bearing from dust or any possible contamination. These are self lubricated bearings (bearings are already greased). They are sealed in air-tight plastic bags and then individually packaged in Premium, heavy-duty corrigated GOLD boxes, with bar codes.
* Mobil Polyrex EM2, Electric Motor Quality Lubricant with a temperature rating of (-40 to +350 degrees F).
* Perfect for cold weather or high temperature applications.
* Honed super finished raceways optimized for long life and low noise.
* 100% noise and vibration tested before and after lubrication.
* Passes V2 noise vibration standards and meets or exceeds Electric Motor Requirements.
* Precision balls equal to or better than ABMA grade 10
* Independent endurance testing has verified RBtech Premium bearings outperformed ALL low cost bearings and matched or exceeded the performance of well-known brand name bearings.
A = 5/8" (.6250" or 15.875 mm)
B = 1-3/8" (1.3750" or 34.925 mm)
C = 11/32" (.3438" or 8.731 mm)
What is the difference between PREMIUM GRADE and standard bearings? CLICK HERE to find out!
CLICK HERE for a COMPLETE LIST of the standard bearings I carry.
We have literally thousands of bearings available. All of them are NEW. We do NOT carry "seconds" or used bearings.
If you are having trouble locating the part# or size that you need, just ask. We probably have it, or can get it.
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R10-zz premium grade ball bearings, 5/8