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Keypad security alarm access lock aluminum safety

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Use it in the house, apartment, building entrance or exit, vehicle ignition bypass, special rooms, Projects ect...
Have security with this futuristic, high tech design, with no moving parts!! Better tamper proof with nothing to break.
Everswitch Brand Excellent Quality, Weatherproof!
Can be used under the most extreme conditions!
Wiring and Programing instructions included. Retail: $400 Each
So tough that this is one of the few keypads that were recently awarded FAA Certification for use for the new Cockpit Door Access Control Keypad system,and one of the few certified for flight deck doors in the security industry.
These keypads use solid state Piezo Technology. Not the membrane type. When a digit is pressed the button does not depress. It only needs the lighteset touch to activate. It's the primary reason they are so extremely tough and well made.
•SOLID METAL HOUSING - Machined out of a solid block of aluminum (One-Piece Construction)
•VANDAL PROOF - (Glue, Lighter, Knives & Gum)
•TAMPER-PROOF - (Unique, 1-Piece Installation)
•WEATHER PROOF (-40° to +257°F)
•WATER PROOF (IP68 Rated) against Rain, Soft Drinks, Body Fluids, Chemical Agents
•Anodized graphics - they never wear off
•Meets US military standards for Shock, Vibration, Temperature & Impact and in addition, are not susceptible to RFI or EMI interference.
•Works on 12VAC or 12-24VDC Power
•Up to 200 User Codes-100 Million Combinations
•Microcontroller "Watchdog" Circuit
The piezo electric effect of natural crystals was discovered by the Curie brothers in 1880. At the time Rochelle salts and tourmaline were the best known piezo electric materials. The ferro-electric ceramics, developed in the 30's for the production of electrical capacitors, also showed piezo electric properties.
If a force is applied to a piezo electric structure, surface charges are induced by the dielectric displacement, and therefore an electric field is built up.Piezo switch - an exploded view
Electrodes transforms this into electric voltage. If the electrodes are shorted, the surface charges balance out by a current.
Indirect Piezo Electric Effect:
When an electric field acts on a piezo electric structure it becomes distorted. If this distortion is prevented, a T elastic tension occurs.
A force F is therefore applied to the device which prevents the distortion of the piezo electric body.
This reversal of the direct piezo electric effect is defined as indirect or inverse piezo effect.
In practice, the indirect piezo effect is used in static as well as dynamic operation.
Everswitch - the patented technology:
The VPM is a solid state (no moving parts), stand alone module which may be arranged in any configuration by simply clicking it into the housing. The VPM also features a few significant advantages:
Unlike other common Piezo electric technologies, the VPM, is a mechanically assembled structure. It features a very stable structure unaffected by extreme temperature fluctuations and not prone to deterioration of components.
No adhesive is used in the assembly process and there is no need for soldering wires to the sensitive piezo ceramic.
The module, placed behind a 0.6mm thick membrane, is extremely durable and reliable
Unit Dimensions: 1.792" x 5.555"
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