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Amada 33 ton cnc universal fabricator hydraulic

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We are pleased to offer the following Pre-owned Machinery for your inspection:
1985 Amada Hydraulic CNC Universal Fabricator
Model SPH30C, Serial Number 309098
Universal Fabricator can be used for Brake Press Work, Notching and Forming. (with proper tooling)
Includes Programs for Grid Patterns, Window Cutouts, Bolt Hole Squares/Circles and Nibbling Circles
* Amadan SS-104 Bachkgauge System
* Amadan SS System II 10 Key Control Input
* 2-Speed Operation for Fast Bending Approach
Offers made on Friday afternoons and evenings may not be seen as they expire before we return to work on Mondays
Please - DO NOT contact Centra for Parts or Service, We DO NOT service or carry parts for any equipment - We recommend contacting the manufacturer
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