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Urschel 1700 comitrol

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Comitrol® Processor Model 1700
The Comitrol Processor Model 1700 accommodates all three types of reduction heads. It is recommended for free-flowing dry and semi-dry product applications including textured vegetable protein, peanut butter, corn masa, and cheese. This precision cutting principle has proven to be a processing breakthrough, with the versatility to meet your size reduction needs from dime size particles to fine emulsions. Standard operations include comminuting, granulating, milling, flaking, slicing, liquefying, dispersing, and pureeing. Sealed enclosure deters escape of dust, vapor, and liquid when the Comitrol Processor is installed in conjunction with a collection system. Stainless steel construction ensures maximum durability and sanitation. The machine features continuous operation for uninterrupted production, and simplified design for easy cleanup and maintenance.
With more than 250 potential impeller/cutting head configurations,, particle siazes ranging from fine emulsions to coarse granulations are possible. CUTTING HEADS offer sizes from approx. .010 upt o `.5" (.254 up to 38.1 mm) SLICING HEADS offer thicknesses from approx. .020 up to .60" (.5 up to 1.5 mm). MICROCUT HEADS offer the smallest particle sizes from approx. .0012 up to .0237 (.03 up to .6mm).
Particle sizes ranging from coarse to fine emulsions are possible. To ensure the proper combination of cutting parts, Urschel Laboratories recommends that the product be tested in our laboratory to find the most efficient solution to your size reduction needs.
Unit is in excellent condition.
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