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PP120 -- peanut pal 120 - packing peanut vacuum

What do you have for sale (write here): PP120 -- peanut pal 120 - packing peanut vacuum
110V Portable Peanut Vacuum/Dispenser.
(220V units are available for the European market)
The Peanut Pal 120 (PP-120) will hold up to 7 cu. ft. of peanuts.
It comes complete with a 55 gal. Rubbermade trash can and dolly.
This unit was designed for businesses that receive items packed in peanuts, but do not necessarity reuse them.
It allows for easy removal of peanuts from incoming boxes and bagging them for storage or transport.
The PP-120 also provides clean storage of peanuts for occasional reuse.
This unit also features "Whisper Quiet" operation.
REALLY!!!! All of our units are quiet enough to be operated in the same room with people on the phone,
Also, the gentle suction is just enough to evacuate ONLY the peanuts out of a box (styrofoam and/or starch),
leaving items as small as a paper clip or screw still in the box.
You are purchasing a patented product from Made In The Shade Intl., Inc.
We have been in business selling peanut vacuums since 1991. We have units that have been in constant operation for many years without any failures.
You can order with confidence that we will be here to support our products and answer your questions for many years to come.
If you experience any problems, we will do all we can to ensure your happiness with our products.
We'll even refund your money if you decide it's not the right product for your needs.
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PP120 -- peanut pal 120 - packing peanut vacuum PP120 -- peanut pal 120 - packing peanut vacuum