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New 12" round kruege steel louvered diffusers MODEL1400

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Brand New Krueger Model 1400- 12 Inch Round- Steel Louvered Diffuser
The Krueger 1400 series are square face, 4 cone, round neck ceiling diffusers. The spacing of inner cones in relation to the backpan result in a design possessing anti-smudge characteristics preventing the buildup of particles on the ceiling. This is achieved by minimizing the low pressure region inherent to most 4-way directional blow diffusers. Also known as concentric cone diffusers, the 1400 is constructed of one-piece stamped cones. The 1400 provide a 360 degree discharge ceiling pattern. At typical flow rates, isothermal throws of 9-16 feet make this diffuser ideal for mounting centrally in many spaces.
* Four cones for optimum airflow control
* Great choice for variable air volume spaces
* Cones feature a one-piece stamped construction without mitered joints
* Round neck for easy connection to round duct
* Anti-smudge design prevents smeared ceilings
* Two earthquake tabs are standard
* Standard Finish is British White
*Dampers are sold separately for price please email me.
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