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Combo pack for calculation programs via email only

What do you have for sale (write here): Combo pack for calculation programs via email only
Combo Pack Via email order only.
Anyone who is in the janitorial service cleaning business.
Janitorial Service Contractors.
Who is interested in starting a cleaning service business.
It is Microsoft Excel 2003, Microsoft Window based program.
It will require to run the program fully.
Save all your program file into your "C" main drive of your computer and always work from it.
It has helpful footnotes everywhere to guide and direct you.
It is a fun program and will make some jobs very easy for managers and supervisors.
Can I return it, if I don't like it?
** Before you purchase this item please visit our website and down load the file to examine it well.
There is no refund. If the program does not work, you might not have the right programs in your computer to run this CD. You need Microsoft Excel 93 or better to run fully.
If you have any questions, please feel free to email us.
Get more information at www. janitorialcontractorshelp.com
Any calculation tools that are for sales: You can purchase it for $3.90 per program file.
For example: Advance calculation tool for commercial building calculation tool only is at $3.90 ea.
Post construction cleaning calculation tool is: $3.90ea
Restaurant cleaning calculation tool is: $3.90ea
Store /Market cleaning calculation tool is: $3.90ea
Payroll calculation tool advance is: $3.90ea.
Setting up a budget for a location is: $3.90ea
Another option is to purchase combo pack of all items listed above can be purchased via email order only.
Price is $ 7.90 for combo pack for all the listing of calculation tools for one price of $7.90.
Thank you for your consideration,
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