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1-1/2" x 60" long taper shank high speed steel drill

What do you have for sale (write here): 1-1/2" x 60" long taper shank high speed steel drill
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The Who, What and Where of KBC...
KBC Tools and Machinery Inc., originally known as "Kabaco Tools" was started in 1965 by Karel Bass in Detroit, Michigan - The Motor City. KBC began as a catalog house selling surplus and English tools to the metalworking industry at a discount. Its motto became "We Will Not Be Undersold", and it still is. KBC's original home was 1,000 square feet of rental space on Eight Mile Road, right next to a Top Hat Hamburger Drive Thru, a Detroit tradition. For the next three years, Karel commuted back and forth from London, England to Detroit, Michigan. Then in 1968 with business growing, he hired John Earles as Vice-President and decided that it was time to move to the Motor City permanently with his wife Sheila and daughter Paula. Shortly after, KBC moved further up Eight Mile Road to a more spacious and glamorous digs, right next to the most notorious topless bar in Detroit, the Booby Trap, a true Detroit landmark.
Always looking for new opportunities and challenges, John and Karel bought a supplier's business in the 80's in California, just outside of San Francisco, and the first KBC branch was born. It didn't take long for the kinks to be worked out and for John and Karel to figure out that the success of the branch in California could be duplicated in other places. So late in the 80's, with the promise of free trade between Canada and the US, the first Canadian branch was opened just outside of Toronto, Ontario. KBC had become international.
In 1990, KBC embraced the idea of nepotism, and the first of the second generation joined the team. Paula, Karel's daughter became the manager of the Toronto branch, and in 1993 Paula became President of the whole shebang - what a 30th birthday present.
KBC is now 9 locations strong in North America
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